I Believe In The Dark Knight

A great write-up on one of the most underrated characters in Nolan’s Batman trilogy and the hidden nature of The Dark Knight himself. Definately worth a read.

Dennis R. Upkins

harvey dent

A true storyteller can often have the best insight on human condition. After all, in order to tell our stories, bards must have an intimate understanding of the forces that drive us. Within most of us, there is a struggle, an arc, a journey that is ruled by an internal conflict.

Often the key to said conflict can stare back at us the entire time.

Which brings us to the Dark Knight, the second of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy which I had the opportunity to rewatch the other night.

As for the movie itself, I think everything that needed to be said has been said: Christian Bale was a solid lead; the late Heath Ledger actually surpassed all the hype in his performance and Aaron Eckhart didn’t get the credit he deserved for his role as Harvey Dent.

Throughout the film, Bruce Wayne was seeking a white knight for Gotham. Someone pure…

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